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For Hands & Feet

Hand & Foot Butters are thick creamy nourishing moisturisers that provide long-lasting hydration to rough and tough skin. Unlike lotions which only temporarily moisturise, Butters provide long lasting moisturisation, conditioning and nourishment to the skin. They help soothe rough, dry & itchy skin,  help soften tough skin on hands and feet and provide healing benefits to skin wounds and cracks.

With water content of up to 70%, most lotions are drying because they promote the dissipation of water from the skin. Therefore, one must use lotions repeatedly to prevent dryness.

Our 100% natural Hand & Foot Butter is thick and rich yet easily absorbed to really moisturise, deeply nourish and soften your hands and feet. The natural butters & oils soak in and soften, while the essential oils help to heal. The Butter is loaded with high concentrations of vitamins nutrients to hydrate, soften rough hands and cracked feet. Regular use of this luxurious creamy Butter helps to eliminate rough patches and calluses. This is perfect treat for your hands & feet this winter season.


Your hands will especially love you for using our Butters to soften them. Depending on the dryness level, use a little each day as often as you like and also as a night cream. 


Massage into freshly cleansed feet, or after using our FLORAL FOOT SOAK and RELAXING & ENERGISING ORANGE FOOT SCRUB. Apply the butter on the whole foot, specially on dry and cracked areas. For best results also apply at night before bedtime and wear socks or cotton booties to ensure maximum absorption. 


For External use only! Avoid contact with eyes. Not recommended for facial skin.