Since ancient times, different herbs have been used for cleansing and beautifying our face & body. Our skin is made up of amino acids, lipids and carbohydrates and a balanced nutrition is required to keep it clear, glossy and healthy. In Ayurveda, the herbal paste used for facial therapy is called “mukha lepa”. This herbal paste is smeared on the face to treat acne, pimples, scars, marks and pigments.


Nature Bathing Face Packs are fine powders which are applied on the face in the form of liquid or pastes and allowed to dry and set to form film giving tightening, strengthening and cleansing effect to the skin. They are usually left on the skin for ten to twenty minutes to allow all the water to evaporate, the resulting film thus contracts and hardens and can easily be removed. The warmth and tightening effect produced by application of our face packs produces the stimulating sensation of a rejuvenated face, while the colloidal and adsorption clays used in these preparations remove the dirt and grease from the skin of the face. When the applied face pack is eventually removed skin debris and deposited dirt gets removed with it.


Nature Bathing’s range of Herbal Face Packs are formulated for different skin types. They help reduce wrinkles, pimples, acne and dark circles. They also brighten, tighten skin and increase smoothness. Ayurveda is the most useful and successful means for achieving clear & healthy skin naturally.

They  are formulated by combining carefully chosen herbal ingredients according to the purpose and skin type. These herbs are hand-pounded and mixed in the right proportions to a fine powder, which when applied to the face penetrates the subcutaneous tissues of the skin to deliver the required nutrients.


Benefits of applying Nature Bathing Herbal Face Packs & Masks


  • Stimulate blood circulation

  • Rejuvenate the muscles

  • Maintain elasticity of the skin

  • Remove dirt from skin pores.

  • The herbal ingredients supply essential nutrients and nourish the skin making it look young and healthy.   

  • Remove dead skin cells and restore the lost shine and glow of skin in a short span of time.

  • Provide a soothing and relaxing effect on skin.

  • Improves skin texture and complexion.

  • Combat harmful effects of pollution and harsh climates

  • Help to prevent premature ageing of skin by controlling formation of wrinkles, fine lines and sagging of skin

  • Face packs recommended for acne, pimple, black heads usually control the over discharge of sebum from sebaceous glands and remove the harmful bacteria inside acne lesion thus helping to reduce, acne, pimples, scars and marks.


There are three phases of a clay mask:

  • The damp phase where your skin drinks in the beneficial minerals from the outside.

  • The start of the dry phase, which exercises your capillaries and stimulates blood flow as the mask cools and contracts.

  • The dry phase, which draws out moisture from the surface of your skin, causing dehydration and irritation. Not only does skin then feel dry, tight, and sometimes itchy, but when you counteract it by slathering on extra face cream, you're just smothering your freshly cleansed skin.

So when you use a clay mask, don't wait for it to reach the flaky stage before you start rinsing.

Do the touch test: When you start to see it drying (which usually means it gets lighter in colour) but it still feels a bit sticky, it's time to wash it off.