Powder Cleansers are a  great option  for all skin types, especially for sensitive or oily skin. Currently undergoing a resurgence in the skin care community, these cleansers are, as the name suggests, powdery and soft when dry but disintegrate into a creamy paste when combined with water. This concoction thoroughly cleanses your skin while gently exfoliating and, unlike physical exfoliants with beads that scrub the skin, these powder cleansers glide smoothly across your face.


We use fruits and flowers packed with nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants in our natural cleansing powders along with clays.

As a skincare ingredient, clay is most known for its absorbing power. Resulting in cleansers that purify your skin by drawing out excess oil and toxins from your pores like a magnet. And because clay cleansers are so good at cleaning out pores and removing excess oil, they are a great option for combination or oily skin.

Nature Bathing's Facial Cleansing Powders don't contain any water whatsoever, so all active ingredients remain potent and undiluted. Plus, because they're dry, they're bound to last longer. And trust us, they last a long time.


But perhaps the very best thing about powder cleansers is that they're customisable every time you use them. The amount of water you add affects the exfoliation intensity – so whether your skin is feeling congested, dry or sensitive on any given day, the power is in your hands as to which kind of cleanser you make to take care of it.


Also it is mess-free and fits into your travel bag perfectly without the fear of leaking or getting tossed away at the airport.