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Fight frizz, strengthen strands, and add shine to your hair with our natural Hair Serums.


Nature Bathing's Range of Hair Serums is completely natural, silicone-free, totally safe and non-toxic. Our formulations give you smooth and shiny hair, lock in moisture, repair stressed strands after a super-hot blow dry & chemical treatments, prevent split ends, deliver vitamins and nutrients to thirsty, brittle strands. The result is hair that grows stronger, healthier & more attractive with each use.

Since our Hair Serums are formulated with natural ingredients, it’s important to understand how they will work and feel. If you’re used to those slippery, silky (and synthetic) hair serums, you may be expecting something that isn’t quite natural. Our serums are silky, but thinner than those thick formulas you’re used to. Those heavy hair serums can weigh down your hair, and become greasy throughout the day.

Why to Use a Natural Hair Serum

A natural Hair Serum can pack some serious strengthening power to your hair, without using harmful chemicals. The oil blends in our Hair Serums strengthen the hair follicle, meaning healthier hair growth. It also means less dandruff, thanks to their humectant (moisture attracting) properties. Adding shine, bounce, and hair conditioning are also great benefits of our serums.

Nature Bathing Hair Serums are designed to deliver vitamins and nutrients to your strands, to supplement hair health. Plant-derived oils and pure Essential Oils stimulate your scalp’s capillaries, aiding in healthy hair growth and proper circulation at the root. After all, to treat hair, it’s best to start at the root!

If you’re looking to smooth frizz, our Hair Serums won’t disappoint. They leave a naturally silky, healthy shine to your strands, thanks to the vitamin-rich oils and natural fatty acids. These hair smoothing serums feed hair roots, shafts, and cuticles beneficial nutrients to protect and strengthen each strand. Our Serums are Silicone-free (Silicone is the star ingredient in commercial hair serums, which makes your hair shiny but also brittle over time and stall healthy hair growth), do not contain any complex chemicals,  parabens, synthetic fragrances and drying alcohols.


How to Use a Hair Serum

Dispense a few drops of the hair serum into your palm and rub hands together. The friction from rubbing in your hands will warm the serum and eliminate stickiness. Apply to the ends, then work your way upwards. Start with a small pump -- for fine hair, that may be all you need. For denser hair, maybe a few drops more.

The Oils are is best absorbed by damp hair, and can weigh it down with too generous an application- so we recommend starting small and finding the amount that works best for you. The amount you use all depends on your hair type, and every head of hair is different.

There are no fillers. We emphasise on using the highest grade Oils. None of our Serums have any added fragrance, all that you can smell is the essential oil blends.

These Hair Serums are 100% natural and free from Silicones, Sulphates, Parabens, Petroleum, Formaldehyde, PEGS, artificial colour, synthetic fragrance & Preservatives & are CG FRIENDLY.