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Winter Lip Care

Keep your lips hydrated this winter season with Nature Bathing’s all-natural Lip Butters-a truly indulgent experience!

The winter months can be very harsh on your lips and cold temperatures and windy conditions tend to leave them sore and cracked. Having a good lip butter at hand is essential at these times for providing instant moisture. 

Our Lip butters are unique products that melt into the lips, immediately conditioning and softening them. Their rich, buttery texture and delightful aroma is perfect for pampering and relieving dry and sore lips. Taking time out to apply lip butter is a luxury unlike no other. Soothing ingredients like moisturising nut butters and nourishing oils make lip butters a feast for all the senses and the delicate aromas leave you feeling truly pampered and indulged.

With three different flavours to choose from, there’s no excuse for not keeping a lip butter handy to stave off those dry lips. Keep reapplying whenever needed to keep that smooth feeling up to 12 hours and enjoy the sensorial feeling and wonderful aroma it brings.

When’s the best time to apply Lip Butter?

Make sure you apply Lip Butter frequently enough to see the benefits, especially if you’re eating and drinking frequently or it’s very cold.

If the weather is very cold or windy outside, your lips will need top ups even more often to keep them at their best.

Avoid licking your lips too much, as this can dry them out further.

The most important times to apply lip butter or lip balm are in the morning before applying any makeup to keep your lips hydrated throughout the day and before you go to bed so that the lips don’t dry out as you snooze away.