natural loofah sponge


The Loofah Scrub comes from the gourd-like secretions of the loofah plant. The gourd forms a network that harden and become very durable when dried, forming what is known as the Loofah Body Sponge. Aside from its cleansing effects, Loofah also has some benefits in store for your skin.


Skin exfoliation– The various natural fibres in a loofah are very durable and non-elastic, which makes it ideal as a scrub. It removes the dead skin cells from your skin & can also remove dirt or pollutants that are stuck in between your skin pores, revealing a new and clearer skin surface.


Completely natural & Perfectly safe to use – Loofahs are made out of all natural sources, which means they do not contain and artificial substances that may cause risks to the skin & rarely cause scratches as the result of scrubbing.


It improves blood circulation of the skin –Improved circulation of blood helps in getting rid of toxins, chemicals and other harmful substances located in certain areas of the body.


It helps in keeping the skin firm and smooth – Regular use of loofah will always leave your skin not just cleaner, but also smoother and firmer. Because you already took away all the ‘excess’ from the skin surface, only new and fresh skin will remain.