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Nature Bathing was born out of my  fascination and passion for creating natural alternatives to conventional skincare product and is founded on my vision of a simpler, cleaner, more natural approach to skincare. 

After countless hours of research & experimentation, and some advanced courses in natural & organic skincare from internationally acclaimed schools, what started as a personal project slowly evolved into a brand through which I hope to provide safe, effective, skincare made with scientifically proven, powerful skin loving natural ingredients with long-term skin benefits. 


My endeavour is to be able to change how consumers think about conventional skincare and ultimately make them realise that skincare needn't be complex. Whatever we need for healthy skin is available in nature's lap.

In keeping with our brand philosophy of a beautifully simple and well-crafted line, I personally hand craft all Nature Bathing products in small batches out of my home studio. 


Each formulation is crafted after intensive planning & research to include carefully selected  ingredients for maximum benefit to the skin. The majority of our products are preservative-free, and those containing water are preserved using natural preservatives only. High quality cold-pressed plant oils, raw and unrefined butters, and steam distilled essential oils lie at the core of our products.

Nature Bathing strives to be a brand that carries its philosophy through to every last detail.  I am relentlessly dedicated to providing an honest, high quality product and a healthy choice for your skin, your mind, and our planet.



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