FACE WASH- Why Go Natural?

When you think of Face Wash, you usually think of gels, foams, gel-to-foams, and all the other no-mess, easy to use liquid cleansers.

Liquid facial cleansers are complex water based formulations, which require preservatives and employ a combination of surfactants, moisturisers, binders, fragrances (to mask the odour of the surfactants), fillers, and dyes to form a product that will agree with the skin. As a result, you’re more likely to find harmful chemicals like parabens, sulphates, phenoxyethanol, BHT, methylchloroisothiazolinone and disodium- & tetrasodium EDTA in a liquid Face Wash.

Many liquid Face Washes, even from the so called “natural”/"herbal" brands, are packed with drying chemicals, surfactants, and preservatives that prematurely age your skin. Here are a couple of labels from some well known brands:

Natural FACE WASH BARS are a great substitute for the commercially available, chemical laden face washes. The choice of a Face Wash should ideally be made based on its ingredients and the benefits they provide.

This is where Nature Bathing’s all-natural Handcrafted Face Wash Bars come in! Handcrafting our natural Face Wash Bars allows us to add a higher concentration of pure, good-for-you ingredients and leave out all of the bad stuff that your skin doesn’t need.

Our Face wash Bars contain 9 different skin moisturising Plant Oils/Butters, nourishing Herbs, Botanicals, pure Essential Oils and mineral rich Clays, which not only cleanse but also moisturise & nourish your skin. And all this without the addition of any chemicals!

A few more reasons to make the switch to natural Face Wash Bars : they're environmentally-friendly (goodbye, unnecessary plastic bottle/tube), typically much more affordable and easier to travel with. Some of our natural soap bars are specially formulated to work for face and body, so investing in one can simplify your routine too. Plus, they're just as effective and 100% natural in the real sense of the word — so what's not to love?

As for the hygiene argument advanced in favour of Face wash Gels, it turns out that the risks associated with bars have been way exaggerated. Studies about bar soap show that while you may find some bacteria on the bar’s surface, it doesn’t stick around after you wash your skin with the bar. Of course, you should always keep your bar soap in a cool place on a dish that can drain so that it’s not sitting in a pool of water.

If you do decide to make the switch, just know that there is a right way to use Face Wash Bars. Don’t apply the bar directly to your face or body. Instead, wet your hands, wet your face, wet the bar, and then rub the bar in your hands for about 10 seconds before using the lather to gently cleanse your face. Same goes for washing your body in the shower.

View our Collection of All-Natural HANDCRAFTED FACE WASH BARS here.

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