How to choose the "Right" Lip Care Product?

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Chapped Lips? We all have experienced it! – winter dryness, cold wind and the temperature variations between cold outdoor air and dehydrated hot indoor air will invariably lead to chapped lips. You want to heal chapped lips in winter and throughout the year.

But the big question is: What are the right skin care products to protect lips effectively?

First let’s take a look at commercially available lip products. They contain various ingredients which do more harm than good. Here are some potentially toxic ingredients in your lip products which should be avoided:

1. Petrolatum (petroleum jelly, mineral oil) - petroleum jelly creates a physical barrier on the skin but does nothing to heal or nourish damaged skin. Further, it doesn’t let the skin breathe resulting in clogged pores.

2. BHA and BHT - Butylated compounds are mainly used as chemical preservatives in lip balms and are linked to health concerns like endocrine disruption, organ-system toxicity, developmental and reproductive toxicity, cancer and respiratory irritation.

3. Parabens - Parabens are known to be potential endocrine disruptors due to their ability to mimic Oestrogen. This effect is linked to an increased risk of breast cancer and their use may also influence the development of malignant melanoma – a form of skin cancer. In men, propyl and butyl parabens appear to reduce sperm production and lead to reduced testosterone levels.

4. Fragrance and/or Flavour - These fragrances often contain high levels of phthalates. Phthalates are strong hormone disruptors linked to decreased sperm count in men and reduced female fertility. Phthalates can also cause a worsening of allergy and asthma symptoms.

5. Chemical sunscreens - They don’t block UV rays well and some have health concerns. Forget the chemical blockers. They break down fast, leaving you unprotected. Some are even hormone disruptors.

6. The other popular ingredients in commercially available lip balms are Propylene Glycol (alcohol which has the effect of drying), synthetic ingredients like Menthol, Phenol, Camphor, artificial sweeteners and artificial colours.

Further these harmful ingredients can cause Lip balm ‘addiction’ - the cycle of allergens in lip balm products prompting an allergic rash that looks and feels like chapped lips. You then reach for that same lip balm for relief. The cycle goes on and on and you are now addicted to lip balm. The lip balm company benefits and your lips suffer.

You don’t want these dubious ingredients in your mouth! So how do you choose a Lip care product that protects and heals your lips without harming you?

Well, it’s important to look for simple yet effective products that:

1. Contain natural waxes and moisturising & nourishing Oils - Beeswax layers on your lip tenaciously to help prevent moisture loss from wind and blowing heated indoor air. Natural Oils help to keep lips supple and free from dryness.

2. Are hypoallergenic (relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction) and don't contain artificial flavours, colours or fragrances, to prevent lip balm addiction.

NATURE BATHING Lip Balms and Lip Butters are all-natural and preservative-free, made using unrefined natural beeswax, the finest unrefined Butters, Cold Pressed Oils infused with botanicals and Vitamin E. No mineral oils, artificial colours or fragrances! Each ingredient has been carefully selected for its specific contribution to protect, heal, nurture, moisturise and nourish your lips.


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