Also nicknamed “Facelift in a Bottle” by beauty gurus all over the world, Olive Squalane is a botanical lipid that mirrors human lipids in molecular structure and weight (our skin's sebaceous glands synthesise 10-12% Squalane). This valuable lipid is extremely compatible with our skin (all skin types), making it a great choice for regenerative skin care and anti-ageing skin care.

Our skin has higher levels of Squalane when it is young & healthy. As we age the levels drop considerably, and by the time we are in our mid-thirties & forties we no longer produce sufficient levels of Squalane to maintain supple & glowing skin. This drop in Squalane production is responsible for signs of ageing skin including skin's tendency to become thinner, prone to damage and lack lustre.

That’s why your 30s and beyond is the ideal time to reach for a skin care product containing pure Olive Squalane for a regenerative effect and an additional complexion boost. The addition of this magical ingredient to your skin care routine can help replenish the natural lipids lost through the normal ageing process, contributing to regenerative activity to restore a more youthful appearance.

Here are just some benefits of Olive Squalane:

  • An excellent natural emollient that smoothes and softens skin.

  • Permeates skin easily as it is similar to the skin’s natural oil.

  • Enhances elasticity.

  • Protects against moisture loss.

  • From a natural and renewable source – olives.

  • Light and quickly absorbed.

  • Creates a luxurious, silky skin feel.

  • Boosts cell regeneration & oxygenation.

  • Helps prevent formation of age spots.

  • Has antibacterial properties.

  • Helps prevent UV damage to skin.

  • Helps skin retain its natural oils.

  • Firms & tones skin.

  • Helps reduce appearance of wrinkles.

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