Loofah | Natural | Packed View | Nature Bathing | India

Experience nature at its fullest with our natural exfoliating sponge from the Loofah plant, whose firm fibres give a stimulating massage and deep cleanse your body. The sponge effectively removes dead skin cells and stimulates blood circulation, making the skin soft and smooth and giving it a fresh glow. Use it with our creamy Handcrafted Soaps for a fresh and fabulous bathing experience.


    • Use warm water to soften the Loofah
    • Rub some soap on its surface, and you will immediately get the amount of lather you need.
    • Rub the Loofah on your body, your arms or legs gently in circular motions and rinse.
    • Rinse the Loofah thoroughly after use and let it dry completely.
    • Sterilize your Loofah at least once a week - The small holes and portions of your loofah are places where bacteria can grow and thrive, even if you rinse and dry your loofah properly after use. That is why it is recommended to sterilize your loofah in boiling water every once in a while. In addition, you may also include it in your laundry together with other bathroom towels, bathrobes, etc


    • Replace the Loofah after a month - After using the loofah for around a month, it is now time to dispose it. There are several reasons this is done. First, the fibres that form the texture of the loofah may begin to breakdown, leaving it inefficient in scrubbing. Second, as the loofah begins to get ‘older’, bacteria other harmful microbes and may slowly develop in the fibres.