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Sigmaplot 12 License Key [2022]




• Small but select improvements have been made to the robustness of the signal detection and noise reduction features, which now provide improved performance on very noisy signals. • A bug with how the legend settings were saved has been fixed so that the data range settings can now be saved and restored. • The Export Data As [image] function now properly displays the range of the exported data and has been refined for improved usability. • The ‘Save Masks As’ functionality has been enhanced to allow you to save many masks in one action, and the ‘Restore Masks As’ function has been improved so that it works in a similar way. • Signals can now be drawn on top of each other, which is helpful for multivariate data where you might need to compare different signal combinations across your samples. • The Density Frame and Label Frame features are more robust. The Label Frame now generates a label font that is significantly more usable for long text and that scales more smoothly, and a new scale bar type has been added to the Density Frame to improve its usability. • Two new editing features have been added for the Density Frame and the Label Frame. • New text boxes have been added to the Variable Type settings which provides flexibility for how the data is presented. • The Classified Frame has been extended and refined so that you can use different plot styles, font colours and the ability to resize the individual frames. • In some circumstances users were finding that the signal values were not displayed on the Data Frame when using the multivariate function, so a new setting in the Data Frame settings has been added to allow this. • The Data Bin settings have been improved to allow the user to specify whether the values in the data bins should be displayed on the Data Frame or just used to determine where the data should be plotted. • The functionality of the data frame settings has been improved to make them more useful for your application. • Some improvements to the standardisation of legends have been made, such as the improved ability to set the legend colours and fonts. • The Colour Bar settings for the plot frames have been refined to improve the usability of the features. • The scaling range of the colour bar has been adjusted to improve the colourbar usage when the view range is increased. • The colour of the curve in a plot that contains a colour bar can now be adjusted, which





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Sigmaplot 12 License Key [2022]

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